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10 Triage Sector Responsibilities

1. Determine location, # and condition of Pt's.
2. Determine if triage will be performed "in place" or at entrance of treatment area.
3. Determine resources.
4. Assign and supervise triage teams.
5. Ensure pt. triage is based on S.T.A.R.T., that life-saving emergency medical care is provided, and pt's are accounted for and tagged.
6. Ensure safety & accountability of all assigned personnel.
7. Provide frequent progress reports to command.
8. Coordinate activities with other Sectors.
9. Provide command with a "triage report" when triage is complete and forward tracking slips.
10. Terminate triage activities and inform command that personnel are ready for reassignment.


What should a Triage Sector Officer wear for identification purposes?

A Sector vest.


The first arriving company officer should assume command and assign Triage to the next arriving fire company at large incidents with greater than how many pt's?

More than 10 Patients


True or False? As a general rule, pt's should be triaged and tagged before movement into the treatment area.



Multiple, geographical triage locations may need to be established when?

At very large incidents.


A Triage Report includes what information?

The total number of pt's and their classification (Immediate, etc.)


Who is responsible for arranging triage tracking slips to determine the number of patients and their condition?

The Triage Sector Officer


The S.T.A.R.T. acronym stands for what?

Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment