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What is the purpose for establishing a Medical Safety Officer MSO)?

To place a licensed medical practitioner as part of the strategic level to enhance the medical wellness issues associated with our workforce.


The Medical Safety Officer (MSO) would be assigned to work for who?

The Safety Section


THE MSO's would be better positioned to provide the Command Team with strategic information related to what?

Triage, treatment and transportation of our firefighters to specialty hospitals and state-of-the-art practices. This would decrease processing time for our firefighters as pre-arrangement for direct admission would be in place.


MSO's can enhance the Command Team at multiple-casualty incidents with regards to what?

Appropriate triage and customer health issues.


What type of Alarms would the Medical Safety Officer be deployed to?

Specialty Alarms, multi-alarms, long-term campaign events, multi hazard, WMD incidents through automatic dispatch or by request from Command.


What Sectors would the MSO be tasked to work with, and who would they be partners with?

Safety Sector and Rehab Sector.
Partnered with a Command Officer to complete all tasks.


5 Medical Safety Officer Functions

1. Provide Command with clinical level information to enhance decisions concerning Firefighter medical safety at a strategic/tactical level.
2. Provide firefighters with real-time monitoring by modifying work/rest cycles.
3. Function as a Medical Support Officer assigned to the safety section to clinically direct medical treatment, triage, and release of firefighters at the scene.
4. Function as a Medical Triage Officer at multiple casualty, WMD incidents, assigned to the Operations Section.
5. Act as a coordinator/controller for the specialty hospital care through Occupational Health with Banner Poison Control Center, as well as Health Center follow through.



1. Physician/Licensed Medical Professional functional with firefighter occupational medicine and ACLS protocol, local medical specialties location.
2. Demonstrate knowledge, skills need to work with Incident Command System through simulation at Command Training Center (CTC).
3. Demonstrate basic radio order model protocols.
4. Demonstrate knowledge of start system through drills, simulation.