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The 4 primary areas of concern during a flammable liquid incident includes what?

1. Extinguishment of flammable liquid fires
2. Spills without fire
3. Disposal
4. Firefighter safety


The main operational problems with flammable liquids are?

Fire extinguishment, ignition prevention, and disposal of spills


The preferred agent for flammable liquid firefighting is?

AFFF/Class B Foam
(Aqueous Film Forming Foam)


This type of foam has no ability to suppress vapors and reignition is an extreme possibility?

Class A Foam


One ________ class B foam line is needed for every 600 sq. ft. of spill area?

95 GPM


The initial fire attack of large area of burning flammable liquids will require 187 gallons of concentrate when used at ____ and 374 gallons of concentrate when used at ____?

3%, 6%


While working at an incident with a spill, do not permit the flammable liquid to run off into what?

Storm drains, sewers, or drainage systems.


How can vapor areas be identified?

Vapor areas can only be found through the use of combustible gas indicators carried by all Special Ops Response Team units.


Applications of class B Foam will need to be repeated every ____ to seal vapors?

10 to 15 Minutes


Per C99, large quantity spills should be disposed of by who?

Specialized hazardous materials cleaning up contractor.


True or False? The hazard zone should include the spilled material in the area downwind of the spill of sufficient distance to account for reasonable vapor travel.