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A Treatment Sector is utilized for what purpose?

To provide a site to manage the treatment of multiple IMMEDIATE and DELAYED pt's.


Treatment Sector is responsible for what during a multi-patient incident?

Responsible for establishing a treatment area to provide stabilization and continuing care of pt's until they can be transported to a medical facility.


If treatment will occur in a designated "treatment area", then the Treatment Sector Officer should establish what?

Establish a treatment area in a safe, readily accessible location for pt/ambulance entry, and prepare for the arrival of pt's from Extrication.


If treatment will occur "in place", companies should be directed by the Treatment Sector Officer to what?

Directed to report to a specific patient or vehicle.


The Treatment entry point should be readily identified with what?

Traffic Cones, Signs or Markers and have personnel to direct arriving patients.


True or False? If the incident is large enough, Treatment should designate separate "IMMEDIATE" and "DELAYED" treatment areas.



One salvage cover in a treatment area provides ample working room for up to how many patients?

3 Patients


Who will advise Command when Treatment is ready to receive pt's?

Treatment Sector Officer


During major incidents, one company per how many pt's should be the initial objective?

Initially 4 pt's per 1 company (1 rescuer per pt).


The first arriving pt's in the treatment area should be placed where?

Placed near the exit point.


Non-Triaged pt's arriving at the Treatment Area must be tagged by what TEAM, prior to providing a "Triage Update" to Command?

Triage Team (Located at entrance of the Treatment Area).


True or False? Command is responsible for determining additional medical supplies at the scene.

False. Treatment should request additional needs through Command.


When is the ONLY time extended treatment should be considered on site?

When transportation is not available? (Other than that, RAPID transport is a priority)