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Hazardous materials incidents encompass a wide variety of potential situations including what?

Fires, spills, transportation accidents, chemical reactions, explosions and similar events.


What hazards may be involved in a hazardous materials incident?

Hazards involved may include toxicity, flammability, radiological exposure, corrosives, explosives, health, and chemical reactions or a combination of factors.


In known or unknown hazardous materials incidents, what appropriate safety precautions need to be taken at every incident?

The use of full protective clothing and SCBA as well as special protective clothing, and the use of all Standard Operating Procedures on a continuing basis are foundational for this plan.


The Dispatch Center will attempt to obtain any and all information from the person reporting a hazardous materials incident. What should this information include?

The information should include the material name and or type, amount and size of the container(s), the problem (leak, spill, fire, etc.), and dangerous properties of the material as well as the number of persons injured or exposed.


If a hazardous materials call comes from a person with particular knowledge of the hazardous situation, that person should be instructed to do what?

Meet and direct the arriving units.

(Dispatch shall relay that person's location and level of knowledge to responding units).


The first arriving Officer at a hazardous materials incident shall establish what?

Establish Command and begin a size-up.


The first unit must consciously avoid committing itself to a dangerous situation. How will this be accomplished?

When approaching, slow down or stop to assess any visible activity taking place. Evaluate the effects of wind, topography and location of the situation, and route any other responding companies away from any hazards.


Command should consider establishing what whenever possible for other responding units?

Level II Staging


What reference materials can be used to establish a safe distance for staging?

The DOT guidebook, NFPA reference materials, the NIOSH pocket guide, or any other material such as MSDS or shipping papers available to them.


Command must make a careful size-up before making a commitment. What is the objective of the size-up?

The objective of the size-up is to identify the nature and severity of the immediate problem and to gather sufficient information to formulate a valid action plan.


During a hazardous materials situation, what is the safest approach before committing any companies?

An evaluation by Hazardous Materials Team members is the safest approach.

(Keep uncommitted companies at a safe distance)


The primary objective is to identify the type of materials involved in the situation, and the hazards presented, before formulating a plan of action. What are good resources to get this information?

Labels, markers, DOT identification numbers, and NFPA Diamond or shipping papers.


While sizing up the problem at a hazardous materials incident, Dispatch can contact other sources for assistance such as?

State agencies, fire department specialist, manufacturers of materials, etc.


Command will formulate an action plan to deal with a hazardous situation by?

1. Safety of all fire personnel
2. Evacuation of endangered area if necessary
3. Control of situation
4. Stabilization of hazardous materials
5. Disposal or removal of hazardous material


What must the strategic plan include at a hazardous material incident?

Find a method to control the flow or release, get the hazardous materials back into a safe container, neutralize it, allow it to dissipate safely, coordinate proper disposal.


Adopting a "Holding Action" refers to what?

Waiting for needed equipment or supplies that is currently unavailable.


As a general policy, a Hazardous Materials Team will respond to any situation that requires what?

Any situation where private contractor is required to clean up hazardous materials.


What are the two initial zones associated with a hazardous materials incident?

The Limited Access Zone & the Evacuation Zone.


The ________ is the area in which personnel are potentially in immediate danger from hazardous condition?

The Limited Access Zone (LAZ).


The LAZ should be geographically described to all responding units, and if possible be identified by what?

Yellow Fireline tape.


The ________ is the larger area surrounding the LAZ in which a lesser degree of risk personnel exists?

Evacuation Zone


The area to be evacuated depends on what factors?

The nature and amount of the material and type of risk it presents to unprotected personnel (toxic, explosive, etc.).


When toxic or irritant vapors are being carried ________, it may be most effective to shelter in place, keep everyone in doors with windows closed to prevent contact with materials instead of evacuating the area.



Once the Hazardous material Sector has been established, Haz Mat personnel will define and establish what?

A hot, warm and cold zone.