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Define medicines optimisation

A patient focused approach to getting the best from investment in and use of medicines that requires a holistic approach, an enhanced level of patient centre professionalism, and partnership between clinical professionals and the patient


what is the goal of MO?

Improved outcomes, take medicines correctly, avoid taking unnecessary meds, reduce medicines waste, improve medicines safety and Adverse drug reactions


What are the 4 key principles of MO?

1. aim to understand patients experience
2. evidence based choice of medicines
3. ensure medicines are as safe as possible
4. make MO a part of routine practice


Outline principle 1 - aim to understand the patients experience

Respect the patient autonomy in that they are an expert in themselves. Keep an ongoing open dialogue about their experience of taking medicines
Explore their views, beliefs and concerns in a non judgemental way and support them in making decisions
question in an open way


Outline principle 2 - use evidence based choice of meds

medicine use based on current guidelines for people like NICE, BTS and ensure we know how up to date it is.
staff training
CPD and peer reviews
medicines reviews, stopping unnecessary medications
patient access to information and providing choices - NHS choices


Outline principle 3 - ensure medicines are as safe as possible

ensure there are systems in place for effective medicines use
(1) medicines reconciliation - in hospital, do drug history checks from various sources and state what drugs are prescribed and why, ensure that medicines are not prescribed if they don't need to be.
(2)POD checks, MURS, NMS (especially with high risk meds).
(3) Safety netting - side effects, how to manage them when to go see the GP
(4)report adverse drug reactions via the yellow card scheme


Outline principle 4 - making medicines optimisation a part of routine practice

Having conversations with patients about their medicines and adherence to them. Also talking to other HCPs who are involved in the care, providing consistent information to the patient about their medication so we get the best out of the medicines.


Outline the differences between medicines optimisation and medicines management

(1) MO is outcome driven, MM is process driven
(2) MO is value for money, MM is cost savings
(3) MO is patient centred, MM is NHS centred
(4) MO - all HCPs are involved, MM only pharmacists
(5) MO is based on evidence, MM is based on custom and tradition
(6) MO is about delivering services closer to home i.e specialised community nurses, MM is about a hospital based service