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According to GPhC - when is a pharmacy professional considered fit to practice?

FTP is the suitability to be on the register with no restrictions. This is when they can demonstrate the skills, knowledge, character and health as highlighted by the 9 standards for pharmacy professionals (name these). It is important that pharmacists can do their job safely and effectively.
By making the FTP declaration, it is stating that they are fit to practice. If FTP becomes impaired, the GPhC must be informed within 7 days. This could be due to many reasons, for example - health, misconduct, lack of competence. Thus, the GPhC will impose restrictions which consider the professional not fit to practice, i.e issue warning, impose conditions, suspend or remove from he register - they re not demonstrating the qualities of a pharmacist and thus are not fit to practice.


what are the core functions of the GPhC? (6)

protect public safety i.e fitness to practice committee
set standards for education and training
register pharmacists and set standards of conduct and performance
register pharmacies and inspect them to meet standards
set standards which must be met by owners of registered pharmacies
take action when standards are not met


What are the 9 standards for pharmacy professionals?

patient centred care
behave professionally
using professional judgement
speak up when things go wrong - duty of candour
work in partnership with others
maintain, develop and use professional knowledge
respect and maintain confidentiality
effective communication


what are the 2 committees of the GPhC?

Statutory - regulatory functions and investigating and deciding on registrants FTP and registration appeals
investigating committee, FTP, appeals

Non statutory - legislation -
audit and risk committee, remuneration, appointments