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What is the process?

Clinical and legal screen. Check details. Produce a label (nexphase), select the medicine, select packaging an course, count/measure, insert into packaging, attach labels, check, bag.


What should be on a label?

Name of patient, name & address of the pharmacy, date dispensed.
"Keep out of reach and sight of children". Name, strength and formulation of medicine. Directions for use. (For external use only - where appropriate), Cautionary/advisory label.s


Cautionary & advisory labels

Important for the safe use of medicines. (BNF appendix 3)


What must you always include when dispensing medication?

The patient information leaflet


When packaging medicine. what should we remember to do?

- Label is legible & straight
- Do not cover important info on the box
- Expiry dates
- Storage instructions
- warnings
- Attach label to inner product and outer where appropriate
- Include spoons etc where appropriate


Before providing the medication, what must we do?

check that everything is correct by two people - D, C


What is the drug tariff?

List of prices of drugs and fees for pharmacies, including the NHS community pharmacy contract


What types of medicines can nurses prescribe?

Community nurse practitioners - medicines for minor ailments e.g treatment for constiptation/emollients for eczema, mostly P/GSL medicines, limited quantities of painkillers.
- All appliances in the DT, stoma care, incontinence appliances, wound management


When do we endorse a prescription?

- When there is more than one pack size of a product in the drug tariff e.g ibuprofen 28 and 84.
- When the prescriber has not stated a quantity of medicine and we have to calculate it e.g if antibiotics prescribed for 7 days but didn't state a quantity- we had to calculate how many capsules to give and thus must endorse what we have given.
- When a prescriber prescribes a BRAND of medication e.g senokot (brand)


What is the blacklist?

Where NHS restrictions apply and these medicines cannot be supplied on the NHS. I.e senokot 7.5mg tablets is on the blacklist, but we can prescribe generic Senna 7.5mg tabs


What is packing down?

When the prescribed quantity is less than a full pack. Thus, we must remove the amount we want, with a PIL and transfer to a plain box.


Who is exempt from prescription charges?

See lecture notes. (DT)


if there are different strengths or flavours of the same item on the same FP10 form, how many charges are there?

One. e.g warfarin 1 and 5mg tablets.- there is 1 charge, 2 fees and 1 no charge item (NC)


If there are different formulations of the same item on a form ,is there a charge?

There is a charge for each item, e.g prednisone EC 5mg tabs and prednisone 5mg tabs (2 charges, 2 fees)


How many charges are there for combination packs?

If there is more than one item in a pack then there is more than 1 charge - e.g canesten oral and cream duo pack


is there charges for contraceptive tablets?

There is no charge, the number of fees depends on the tablets e.g logy non 3 tablet types, no charge but 3 fees


What should we remember to do in dispensing?

- Stamp
- Number of items
- Endorsement where necessary
- Bag label (& label on item)
- Did the product have more than one label?
- Was there an outer package to label too?
- Spoon or syringe if needed


What to do if packing down?

White box, add PIL, submit original package too.