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What are the 5 standards for community pharmacy GPhC?

1 identify and manage risks
2 staffing issues
3 pharmacy premesis
4 delivery of pharmacy services
5 equipment and facilities


what is the PSNC?

pharmaceutical services negotiating committee - promotes and supports the interests of all NHS community pharmacies in England.
Goal is to develop the community pharmacy service to enable them to offer increased range of high quality and fully funded services that meet the needs of local communities.


what are the 7 essential services pharmacies must offer

repeat dispensing
disposal of unwanted medicines
promoting public health
signposting to HCP
supporting self care
clinical governance


what are the 2 things needed in order to conduct a retail pharmacy lawfully?

registered pharmacy and pharmacist
responsible pharmacist


what does the level of activities which may take place in a pharmacy depend on?

the level of supervision
whether the RP is absent (up to 2 hours) - no medicines dispensed


legal requirements of an RP notice

the responsible pharmacist is..
registration number
At this time, the above named person is the pharmacist in. charge of this pharmacy


importance of the RP record?

legal document - allows to see who was the RP at a given date and time - provides an audit trail in the event of any incidents and errors- shows who is accountable.