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What are we checking in accuracy of calculations?

Checking the master formula and all final amounts are correct, also checking they have given units and they are correct.


What are we assessing in quantity of product?

Checking the weight of product is correct (within 5%) based on calculations - (In this we must calculate an error margin to see if they have no error, minor error or major error.


What are we assessing in appearance and quality?

Colour, texture, fully dissolved, no fluff, lumps, dirt or bits.


What are we assessing in evidence of quality control checks & ingredient records?

- All final amounts match the calculations
- Checks by external initials
- Preparation & expiry dates correct
- Product name and amount
- Weights of containers
- Correct manufacturers.


What are we checking the product against?



In task 1- what must we include?

RSoP SOP extemporaneous preparation of .... BP. Include version &date.
- Calculations of product formula based on the master formula
- Provide 2 pieces of additional info i.e labelling/counselling, type of formulation, mandatory statements.


With ointments/creams - do you have to make your product formula calculations account for an overage? i.e if Rx asks for 40g you make 45g plus overage



With creams and ointments- how much of an overage do you have to calculate for in making the product formula?



error margins

Must calculate 10% of the value we want but each way as it could be over or under. Then calculate 5% each way.


Aqueous cream BP - dry skin conditions

- Use as a soap substitute when required
- External use only
- Cream formulation (emollient)
- Expiry date 4 weeks from prep


Kaolin & morphine mixture BP - diarrhoea

- Shake well before use
- May cause drowsiness - if affected do not drive or operate machinery
- Solution formulation


Magnesium trisilicate mixture BP - heart burn, dyspepsia

- Liquid formulation
- Shake well before use
- Do not take in patients who must control their sodium intake


Simple linctus (mild non specific cough)

- Shake well before use
- Syrup formulation (dispersed phase is chloroform, liquid is linctus)


Oral rehydration salts (diarrhoea)

- Solid formulation
- Avoid if diabetic or avoiding a high salt diet
- Avoid exposure to dust


Zinc ointment BP

- For external use only
- Apply to affected areas when required
- Topical formulation - ointment


Paediatric paracetamol elixir (pain, anti pyretic)

- Contains paracetamol - do not give this medicine with any other paracetamol containing products
- Shake bottle before use
- Formulation is an elixir


Omeprazole oral suspension (acid reflux)

- Formulation is a suspension
- Shake well before use
- Keep refrigerated