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how to administer eye drops to a child

Wrap the child in a blanket (small children)
Place drop into inner corner of the eye - this is easier with the eye open but it can still drain into the eye if it is closed if keep head still for a few seconds.
(ointment is the same as this)


How to administer ear drops to a child

wrap child tightly in a blanket
pull ear lobe backwards to open ear canal and put drops in
Avoid touching the ear with the dropper


how to administer nasal drops to child

lay child across lap with head hanging down (small babies in a blanket)
Remove mucus from nose by tickling with cotton wool
Use ideally warm drops as they are better tolerated and insert 2-3 drops into nose


how to insert suppositories in a child

lay child down with their knees pulled up
lubricate the suppository and insert it 2-4cm into the rectum
hold buttocks together for 5 minutes


what formulations should children under 5 have?



how to use a spoon to administer?

ensure child is sitting at no more than a 45 degree angle (risk of choking), shake bottle before opening, pour medicine onto a 5ml medicine spoon and give a drink to wash down - DO not use a regular household spoon as won't give an accurate dose


how to use a syringe to administer?

insert syringe into bottle adapter, turn bottle upside down and pull plunger until the medicine reaches the volume required.
Turn and remove
put inside the mouse and squirt to the side of the cheek slowly


how to help children take tablets?

place it onto the back of the tongue and give them an adults cup to wash down with.
DO not tilt head back


how should medicine NOT be administered to children?

not mixed or administer in a bottle
generally not mixed with food
generally don't crush unless leaflet says its safe