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who is the drug tariff published by?



what is the DT used to check? (5)

rules to follow when dispensing
drug and appliance prices
fees paid to the pharmacy
items allowed or not allowed on prescriptions
payment for essential and advanced services


what is not in the drug tariff?

clinical information
clinical guidance


what can nurse prescribers prescribe?

nurse formulary - medicines for minor ailments, mostly P or GSL
limited quantities of painkillers
all appliances in the Dt e.g stoma care, wound management


what can dental prescribers prescribe?

dental formulary - FP10D - not all strengths and formulations
generic list but if brands are ordered they will be dispensed and paid for


what is allowed on an NHS prescription?

any medicine, food or drink or medical cosmetic allowed as long as its not on the blacklist, and a small list of items that are only allowed in special circumstances (SLS
- only appliances, reagents, dressings listed in part IX
- certain prescribers can only prescribe certain items


what is the selected list scheme SLS?

small list of items allowed only in special circumstances.
these products - SLS must be written by the prescriber (endorsed) otherwise it is not allowed. Pharmacist CANNOT endorse this
medicines for erectile dysfunction - tadalfil
clobazam for epilepsy


What is a special container?

Where the quantity prescribed does not coincide with that of an original pack, and the drug is - sterile, effervescent, aerosol, tube, roll on., sachet, liquids for addition to bathwater, coal tar, viscous external preparations


what happens when we have a special container?

we give the nearest quantity possible and then endorse it. We cannot split the pack


what is the halfway pack rule?

if the prescription quantity is 1 plus half or less than half of a pack - round down to nearest whole pack.


what are borderline substances?

a list of foods and toiletry preparations that can be prescribed on an NHS prescription. The advisory committee for borderline substances advises on what medical conditions these items may be regarded s rugs ordered on NHS.
'ACBS' must be written on prescription by prescriber otherwise not allowed


If prescribing a borderline substance - what must be included in prescription?

ACBS written by prescriber


what is broken bulk in endorsement?

payment for any drug or appliance if only part of it was dispensed - but NOT - unlicensed specials/imports, generics and widely available if smallest pack is less than £50. also appliances from part XIA


what are out of pocket expenses in endorsing?

OOP/XP are charges incurred when obtaining a dispensed item- postage, packing, courier fees from suppliers. Cannot be claimed for any special or imported product, category A or M(generics), or appliance or reagent in part IXA/IXR.

Must endorse with OOP and cost of the expenses claimed - must be over 50p


General endorsement rules?

no need to endorse if in part VIIIA and only 1 pack size
endorse with the quantity used if the prescription is written as number of days
on a generically written prescription- for items not used in part VIIIA - endorse the brand name, price and pack size


for end of month procedure- what do red separators do?

include any prescription with -
where the prescription has handwritten amendments to printed text
where prescriber signature is near the text of the last item on the prescription
broken bulk
expensive items >£1000