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A technique that allows large numbers of ideas to be classified into groups for review and analysis

Affinity Diagrams


A decomposition technique that helps trace an undesirable effect back to its root cause.

Cause and Effect Diagram


A graphic display of process data over time and against established control limits, which has a centerline that assists in detecting a trend of plotted values toward either control limit.

Control Chart


The depiction in a diagram format of the inputs, process actions, and outputs of one or more processes within a system.

Flow chart


A data representation technique, these charts structure can be used to show relationships in a graphical, top-down format. Forms include:

Work breakdown structure (WBS) depicts project deliverables broken down into work packages and provide a way of showing high-level areas of responsibility.
Organizational breakdown structure (OBS) depicts an organization’s existing departments, units, or teams, with the project activities or work packages listed under each department.
Resource breakdown structure depicts team and physical resources related by category and resource type.
Risk breakdown structure depicts risks by category and type.

Used in:

Plan Resource Management (P)
Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis (P)

Hierarchical charts


A bar chart that shows the graphical representation of numerical data.



A data representation technique that is a visual representation of an organization’s data, described in business language and independent of any specific technology. The logical data model can be used to identify where data integrity or other quality issues can arise.

Used in:

Plan Quality Management (P)

Logical data model


A data representation technique in the form of a matrix to help find the strength of relationships among different factors, causes, and objectives that exist between the rows and columns that form the matrix.

Used in:

Plan Quality Management (P)
Manage Quality (E)

Matrix diagrams


A common type of responsibility assignment matrix that uses responsible, accountable, consult, and inform statuses to define the involvement of stakeholders in project activities.

A RACI Responsibility Assignment Matrix chart


A data representation technique used to visually organizing information. A mind map is created around a single concept, to which associated representations of ideas such as images, words, and parts of words are added.

Used in:

Collect Requirements (P)
Plan Stakeholder Engagement (P)
Plan Quality Management (P)

Mind mapping


A data representation technique in the form of a tool for prioritizing risks using the combination of probability and impact of individual risks for ranking and prioritization, and therefore to determine which risks need detailed risk response plans.

Used in:

Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis (P)

Probability and impact matrix


A data representation technique in the form of a diagram used to identify the relationship between two variables. Points are plotted on a graph with the two variables as the axes. If the points congregate in a linear fashion, then there is a direct correlation. If there is no discernible pattern or a wide spread, then there is no or little correlation.

One of the seven basic tools of quality used in Quality Management.

Used in:

Manage Quality (E)
Control Quality (M&C)

Scatter diagrams


A data analysis technique used in stakeholder management to compare between the current engagement levels of stakeholders and the desired engagement levels required for successful project delivery.

Used in:

Plan Communications Management (P)
Plan Stakeholder Engagement (P)
Monitor Communications (M&C)
Monitor Stakeholder Engagement (M&C)

Stakeholder engagement assessment matrix


A data representation technique which categorizes stakeholders using various methods.

Used in:

Identify Stakeholders (I)

Stakeholder mapping/representation


Documents in text format that provide information such as responsibilities, authority, competencies, and qualifications.

Used in:

Plan Resource Management (P)

Text-oriented formats