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What case study do you use for rebranding?



Why was Amsterdam's reputation threatened?

  • Greater competition from other cities.
  • Social + economic decline in some areas
  • Reputation for allowing soft drugs + prositution was seen as inappropriate by investors.
  • Failed bid to host Olympics.


How did Amsterdam overcome the threats against it's reputation?

'I Amsterdam' slogan:

  • Clear, short, powerful
  • Large 3D sculpture put in front of famous museum - photographed by tourists + put on social media. 
  • Resulted in increased tourism + is now one of the top 5 European cities. 


What were the positives of Amsterdam's rebranding scheme?

  • Increased tourism


What were the negatives of Amsterdam's rebranding scheme?

  • Resulted in 'mass tourism' - prioritised tourists over needs of local people
  • Hasn't hugely changed perception - red light district still exists + so do weed cafes