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Where is the Eden drainage basin?

North-west England between the mountains of the Lake District and the Pennines. 


Where is the River Eden's source?

In the Pennine hills in the south Cumbria.


Where does the River Eden flow through?

Appleby-in-Westmorland and Carlisle.


Where is the mouth of the River Eden?

Solway Firth at the Scottish border.


Describe the basin of the River Eden:

  • Largely rural, although does run through Carlisle.
  • Upland areas experience extreme weather causing flooding downstream.


Why is Carlilse particularly vulnerable to flooding?

It is at the confluence of the Eden, Petteril and Caldew rivers.

It is also low-lying.


Give 3 characteristics of the Eden Basin:

  1. Higher than average rainfall due to mountainous terrain encourage orographic rain. 
  2. Long & relatively narrow, increasing lag time. 
  3. Steep slopes within basin - reduces lag time & increasing peak discharge. 


What different types of rock make up the Eden Basin?

  • Highest ground = igneous rocks that are impermeable.
  • Majority of basin = limestone & sandstone that are permeable.


What land use changes have affected the Eden Basin' water cycle?





How has farming affected the Eden Basin?

  • 2000-2009 there was a 30% increase in cattle in the Eden Valley = compacts the soil and reduces infiltration.
  • Grazing of sheep also reduces vegetation + interception.
  • Results in increased flood risk.


How has construction increased the risk of flooding in the Eden Basin?

  • Urbanisation reduces infiltration rates, eg Eden Gate development
  • Increased size and speed of surface runoff flows
  • Housing developments, eg. Carlisle, built on floodplains = increased flood risk and flooding downstream


How has deforestation affected the Eden Basin?

  • Original forest cover mostly removed
  • Increases flood risk


How might climate change affect the Eden Basin?

Predicted western UK could get up to 35% more winter rainfall by 2080 = massive flood risk


Name a storm that affected the Eden Basin:

Storm Desmond, December 2015


What were the affects of Storm Desmond?

  • Appleby-in-Westmorland + Carlisle experienced bad flooding
  • Record rainfall across Cumbria - Shap (village) had 262.6mm rain in 48 hours.