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What case study should be used for re-imaging?



What issues were Liverpool facing?

  • Deindustrialisation caused economic activity to slow down

  • Derelict industrial buildings made up most of the city

  • Reputation for rioting + violence developed in 1980s as a result

  • 40% of population lived in poverty from 1970s-2000s


How did Liverpool respond to issues?


  • Over £2 billion invested from public + private sector into city centre

  • Merseyside Development Corporation slogan ‘There’s life in the old docks yet’

  • Turned derelict warehouses into Tate Liverpool art gallery

  • Focused on ‘selling its past’ - eg. the Beatles

  • Won the title of European Capital of Culture in 2008.


What is reimaging?

Changing the existing negative perceptions of a place.


What groups were involved in the re-imaging of Liverpool?

  • Liverpool Vision Urban Regeneration Company

  • Merseyside Development Corporation


What were the positives of Liverpool's re-imaging scheme?

  • Increased tourism
  • 2008 = positive press outweighed negative weight


What were the negatives of Liverpool's re-imaging scheme?

  • Poverty + crime are still an issue = hasn't resolved issue, just disguised it
  • 2012 = positive and negative press were even, so influence of re-imaging scheme is declining