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Name a storm hazard in a HIC:

Hurricane Katrina, South East USA, 2005


Describe the characteristics of Hurricane Katrina:

200km/h winds

200-250mm rainfall to Louisiana

8.5m storm surge in Mississippi


What were the social impacts of Hurricane Katrina?

  • 1836 people killed
  • 300,000 houses destroyed
  • 3 million left without electricity
  • Main route out of New Orleans closed as bridge collapsed
  • Water supply polluted - 5 people died.
  • 18 schools destroyed in New Orleans, 74 badly damaged = disruption to education


What were the economic impacts of Hurricane Katrina?

  • Job losses
  • Oil industry disrupted as oil platforms destroyed
  • Forest destroyed in Mississipi - $5 billion lost in logging industry


What were the environmental impacts of Hurricane Katrina?

  • Coastal habitats destroyed
  • Breton National Wildlife Refuge destroyed
  • Oil spills due to flooding of oil refineries
  • Salt marshes flooded


What helped the US respond rapidly to Hurricane Katrina?

Effective warning systems - could predict where the hurricane would hit.


How did the US prepare for Hurricane Katrina?

  • Coast Guard positioned helicopters + boats around areas likley to be affected
  • FEMA organised teams + supplies on national level
  • Mandatory evacuation in some areas


How did the US respond after Hurricane Katrina?

  • Emergency shelters for people who hadn't evacuated
  • Search + rescue teams, medical supplies and supplies sent out
  • $4 billion charity donations to provide aid


Name a storm hazard in a LIC:

Cyclone Nargis, Myanmur, 2008


Describe the characteristics of Cyclone Nargis:

215km/h wind speed

5m storm surge 


What were the social impacts of Cyclone Nargis?

  • 140,000 killed
  • 450,000 houses killed
  • 4000 schools destroyed + 75% of health facilities
  • 70% had no access to clean water
  • Lots suffered from diseases caused by dirty water


What were the economic impacts of Cyclone Nargis?

  • 6000km2 agricultural land destroyed
  • 40% food stores destroyed
  • Millions lost livelihoods


What were the environmental impacts of Cyclone Nargis?

  • 380km2 of mangrove forests destroyed
  • Flooding caused erosion + salinisation of land


Why was Myanmar's response slow?

  • No dedicated hurricane monitoring system
  • Poor warnings given
  • No preparation plans / evacuation plans 
  • Government initially refused any foreign aid
  • Myanmar was run by military who seized aid and prevented aid workers from entering the country for 2 weeks.