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Give examples of external forces that drive change in places:

Government policies 

Decisions of MNCs

Impacts of international/global institutions


How can governments policies affect the characteristics of a place?

  • Demographic characteristics, eg. China's one-child policy + France's improved maternity leave conditions and lower taxes.
  • Cultural characteristics, eg. German government inviting Turkish people to live + work in 60s.
  • Demographic, economic + social characteristics, eg. Hulme City Challenge Partnership in Manchester aimed at regeneration.


How can the decisions of TNCs affect the characteristics of a place?

Detroit automotive industry - factory closure caused massive job losses, population decline and increased crime.


How can international institutions affect the characteristics of a place?

World Bank

  • Ningbo Countryside Development Project in China.
  • Improved social conditions by providing wastewater disposal services to 144 rural villages.