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State three religious traditions other than Islam in Great Britain today.

Christianity, Judaism and Sikhism.


Explain two reasons why the Six beliefs are important to Muslims.

- They form the foundation of a Sunni Muslim's faith.
- They will earn the pleasure of Allah.


Outline three of the five roots of Usul-ad-din.

Tawhid, Nubuwwah and Adl.


Explain two Muslim beliefs about Allah.

- He has many characteristics.
- They can aspire to be like him.


Outline three things that Muslims believe about Risalah.

- It represents how Allah communicates.
- Muslims are required to follow their teachings.


Explain two reasons why Muhammad is an important prophet in Islam.

- By following the example of Muhammad, Muslims will please Allah.
- Muslims believe he was the only prophet to have been given a universal message that was meant for all times and to stand the test of time.


Explain two Muslim attitudes to holy books.

- The Quran is believed to be by Muslims to be the final and perfect revelation for all times, people and places.
- There is little divergence in the way Muslims view holy books.


Explain two reasons why Jibril is important to Muslims.

- Allah communicates through Jibril.
- He delivered the Quran to the Prophet Muhamad.


Explain two reasons why predestination is an important belief for Muslims.

- It affirms Allah's omnipotence.
- The laws governing the universe are designed for the benefit of humanity.


Describe two differences between Islam and the main religious tradition of Great Britain about the beliefs of paradise and hell.

Heaven is presented as an idealistic place and hell is portrayed as a place you wouldn't want to go to.