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Outline three ways a Christian can worship.

- Liturgical.
- Non-liturgical.
- Individual.


Outline three Christian sacraments.

Christmas, Easter and Advent.


Explain two reasons are sacraments are important to Christians.

- Close to Jesus.
- Welcomes you into the Church.


Explain two reasons why prayer is important to Christians.

- Allows you to be close to Jesus.
- Allows for time alone.


Outline three reasons why pilgrimage is important to Christians.

- Helps believers to understand more about your faith.
- It can give believers a strong religious experience.
- Can walk in the footsteps of Jesus.


Outline three features of Christmas for Christians.

- Advent.
- Nativity.
- Christmas.


Outline three purposes of Christian missionary work.

- Enables Christians to obey the Great commission of Jesus.
- Can help the poor and suffering to have hope.
- To bring new Christians to the Church.


Outline three ways the local Church serves its local community.

- Praying for those in need.
- Raising money for charity.
- Offering moral guidance.


Explain two ways that Christian aid works to relieve poverty.

- It runs political campaigns and organises marches against the ill-treatment of the poor.
- It gives immediate aid in crisis situations.


Explain two reasons why giving aid is important for Christians.

- The Bible teaches that you should give to those in need.