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Explain two reasons why Muslims marry.

- It follows the practice of the Prophet Muhammad.
- It lays the foundation for a Muslim family.


Explain two reasons why Muslims are against sexual relationships outside of marriage.

- It is seen by Muslims as unhealthy for society.
- The Quran forbids it.


State three types of family.

- Nuclear family.
- Blended family.
- Same-sex family.


Explain two reasons why family is important for Muslims.

- It expands and strengthens the Ummah.
- It allows for procreation.


Outline three ways the Muslim community helps families. {3}

- Counselling.
- Classes for parents.
- Groups for children.


Explain two reasons why the provision of counselling is important for Muslims.

- Helps them to avoid problems.
- Provides a way for Muslims to talk about their faith.


Outline three Muslim attitudes to family planning.

- A blessing from Allah.
- A couple might be too young.
- Allah will remove any worries.


Outline three Muslim beliefs about remarriage.

- People want to remarry.
- Couples shouldn't enter into a divorce lightly.
- It should be to a fellow Muslim.


Outline three beliefs about the roles of men and women in the family.

- Men should be the breadwinners whereas women should stay at home and maintain the home.
- They have clearly defined roles.
- Some Muslims argue that due to women's rights today, more traditional views are outdated.


"There is no equality in Islam".

- Women stay at home.
- No female Prophets.
- Women's role is to procreate.

- Men and women have clearly defined roles.
- Having different responsibilities doesn't mean they are unequal.
- Wife of the Prophet Muhammad is prominent.


Explain two ways that gender discrimination might occur. {4}

- Women may be shunned by Islamic society.
- In some cultures, women are second-rate citizens.