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What are Christian attitudes to peace?

Christians believe that they should strive towards establishing a peaceful world. The Ten Commandments forbids murder.


What do the Quakers feel about Peace?

The Quaker denomination of Christianity feel that violence is wrong and in some cases of war have been conscientious objectors.


What is an example of Jesus acting peacefully?

The example is when Judas Iscariot came to arrest Jesus and Jesus' disciples wanted to fight the soldiers instead Jesus ordered his followers not to fight the soldiers.


What does Christianity teach about peace making?

In the sermon on the mount, Jesus taught his disciples the importance of peace making.


What does the World Council of Churches do to work towards peace?

The world council of churches brings together Christians from around the world.


What are the causes of conflict?

Self-Defence, economics, natural resources, fear, national pride, religion and long-standing ethnic or racial hatred.


What is Pacifism?

Pacifism is the belief that war can never be justified.


What is the Just War theory?

The just war theory is the theory that under certain conditions, going to war is acceptable.


What is a Holy War?

A holy war is one whereby religion is the driving force behind the war.


What are the aims of a holy war?

To convert countries to a different religious faith, to rescue religious believers from non-believing countries, to take revenge against blasphemies, to save religious places and to spread the faith.


What does Christianity teach about holy war?

In the old testament there are various examples of holy wars taking place.


What are weapons of mass destruction?

Weapons of mass destruction are biological, chemical and nuclear weapons that can cause widespread damage and kill thousands of people.


What is Violence?

Violence is the intentional use of power or force against oneself or another person.


What do Christians believe about the issues surrounding conflict?

Christians believe that Jesus is a peacemaker.