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What are the two prominent denominations of Islam?

Sunni and Shi'a


What are the Six Beliefs?

Belief in Allah, Belief in the Angels, Belief in the Books, Belief in the Prophets, Belief in the day of Judgement and the Belief in the Decree of Allah.


What are the Five Roots of Usul-Ad-Din?

Tawhid: Belief in the Oneness of Allah.
Nubuwwah: Belief in the Prophets.
Adl; The belief that Allah is just and fair
Imamah: The term for God-given leadership.
Mi'ad: Belief that there will be a Day of Judgement.


What are the characteristics of Allah?

Tawhid: Allah is one.
Immanence and Transcendence: Allah is the creator of everything.
Omnipotence: Allah has the power to create everything from nothing.
Beneficence: Allah loves all humans.
Mercy: Allah shows Mercy.


What is Risalah?

Risalah is the nature and importance of the Prophets for Muslims.


Who are the main Prophets in Islam?

Adam, Ibrahim, Isma'il, Musa, Dawud, Isa and Muhammad


Name the Holy Books in Islam.

Sahifah, Tawat, Zabur, Inji and the Qur'an.


What is Malaikah?

Malaikah is the belief in Angels.


What is Al-Qadr?

Al-Qadr: The belief in Predestination that is held by Muslims.


What is Akirah?

Akieah is Muslim teachings about Life after Death.