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What is Justice?

Justice is doing what is right and fair based on the law.


What is the Law?

The law are guidelines as to how people should behave: the rules that govern society.


What is to punish?

To punish to impose a penalty on someone for doing something wrong.


What is reconciliation?

Reconciliation is restoring peace and friendships between individuals or groups.


Why is Justice important for Christians?

Justice is important to Christians as Christians believe that God is just and God wants his people to be so to. Also the Bible has a strong emphasis on justice. Thirdly, God is the ultimate judge and finally God's justice is about forgiveness and mercy.


What is Crime?

A crime is an action that is against the law and one which may result in punishment.


What are Christian teachings on Crime?

Christianity teaches that people should obey the law.


How do Christians work to end crime?

Christians see it as their duty to rehabilitate criminals. Some Christian groups work to support people when they come out of prison.


What does Christianity teach about good and evil?

Most Christians believe that they should act according to the Bible.


What is free will?

Free will is having the freedom to choose what to do.


How do non-religious people view suffering?

They view it in different ways but the arguments include suffering is inevitable, suffering can be caused by greed, those who suffer are not to blame and humans should work to eradicate the causes of suffering.


What are the most common types of punishment?

Imprisonment, community orders, curfew orders and fines.


What do Christians believe about punishment in society?

They believe that there must be fair laws, if found guilty someone should be given a fair punishment and punishments should support society.


What are the four aims of punishment?

Protection, Retribution, deterrence and reformation.


What is protection?

Protection is keeping someone or something safe from harm.


What is reformation?

Reformation is changing something for the better.


What is retribution?

Retribution is a punishment that is given in revenge for a wrong that has been done.


What is deterrence?

Deterrence is discouragement from doing something.


What does reconcile mean?

Reconcile means to restore friendly, peaceful or agreeable relations with someone.


What does reoffend mean?

Reoffend means to return to criminal behaviour.


What is restorative justice?

Restorative Justice is a form of rehabilitation in which criminals are given the opportunity to meet victims of crime.


What does the bible say about the treatment of criminals?

The bible says that treating prisoners with respect is important. Jesus does not condemn the adulterous woman instead he encourages her to change her ways.


What is execution?

Execution is carrying out a sentence of death by killing a person.


What is the purpose of the death penalty?

The death penalty means that society can rid itself of dangerous criminals, people who have committed atrocious crimes do not deserve to live, they should pay, it's cheaper and acts as a deterrent.