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What are the three attachment styles called?

Secure, anxious/ambivalent and avoidant.


What is the secure attachment style like?

Parents of securely attached children play more with them and react to their child’s needs more quickly, frequently and consistently.

Those were rated as their teachers to be better with their peers and more promising in general.


What is the anxious/ambivalent attachment style like?

Associated with parenting that is inconsistent. Cling to parent while present, cry when parent leaves and react with anger or indifference when parents returns.


What is the avoidant attachment style like?

Ignore parent when present, interact with stranger, show no outward distress when parents leave and ignore parent’s return. This is associated with parents who don’t respond to child distress, discourage crying and encourage independence.


How does being insecurely attached in childhood affect adulthood?

Those people who were rated as insecurely attached in childhood show less caring, trust, emotional closeness, sensitivity to partner needs, more hostility, less balance between couple functioning and individual interests or needs, poorer overall relationship outcomes.


Which big five trait do "avoidant" adults have?

Low E, low O, low A.


Which big five trait do "anxious" adults have?

High N, low A.


Is males pickier than females when it comes to wanting a partner higher in personality traits than oneself?

No, females are pickier than men.


What is the relation between economic development and sex differences?

Economic development seems to be related with greater sex differences.


What is the correlation between the Big Five traits and partner's relationship satisfaction?

Openness: positive (but doesn't really play a role)
Conscientiousness: positive
Extraversion: lightly positive
Agreeableness: positive
Neuroticism: better to have a partner low in N


Do people look for partners for personality or age, IQ, values?

Age, IQ, values


What are some traits where there are high correlation between partners?

Education (.45), age (.97), sociopolitical attitudes (.61), religiousness (.72)


What are some traits where there are low/little correlation between partners?

Height (.20), BMI (.14), income (.08), personality (.07)


What are the three processes in which personality interacts with the social environment?

Selection, evocation and manipulation.


What is the complementary needs theory?

People are attracted to those who have different personality dispositions to their own.


What is the attraction similarity theory?

People are attracted to those who have similar personality characteristics.


Is there most support for the complementary needs theory or attraction similarity theory?

Attraction similarity theory.


What is assortative mating?

The phenomenon where people marry people similar to themselves. Not only in personality characteristics but also in physical characteristics such as height and weight.


How should an ideal romantic partner score in the Big Five?

Relatively higher than oneself.


A partner with which Big Five characteristics were happy in their relationship?

When the partner were high on agreeableness, emotional stability, and openness.


What is the violation of desire theory?

Break-ups should occur more when one’s desires are violated than when they are fulfilled.


Which three aspects of personality proved to be strong predictors of marital dissatisfaction and divorce?

• The neuroticism of the husband
• The lack of impulse control of the husband
• The neuroticism of the wife


What is affective forecasting?

The accuracy with which we anticipate our emotional reactions to a certain future event.


What is the Pygmalion effect?

A phenomenon in which the greater expectations placed upon one, the better they perform.