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How do you answer the 24 mark ideology question?

- Give a general idea of what both sides of the ideology believes in

- Then explain in detail what one side thinks, then what the other side thinks

- Give similarities and differences

- Use evidence and examples throughout (political thinkers)

- Judgement at the end


How do you answer the 30 mark source question?

- Refer to the source
-Address the question
-Make a judgement on where you stand in the question

Main (start with the best argument in first paragraph)
-Identify what the source says
-Then briefly give more detail
-Give evidence to back up the point
-Refer back to the question
-Link it by connecting opposing points in the source
-Scrutinise it by looking at the limitations of the point and why you can disagree with it

-Answer the question, reiterate your judgement and tie everything up.