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Example of a successful private member bill

- Liberal Democrat MP Wera Hobhouse introducing a PMB about up skirting. It succeeded and it got royal assent.


Arguments that MP representation is effective

- Free votes on issues allow MP's to have more ability to listen to the views of constituents e.g the free vote on the 2013 same sex couples act.
- Social media increases pressure on MP's to respond to constituents, making the relationship more direct. e.g Matt Hancock creating an app for communicating with his constituents


Arguments that MP representation is not effective

- UK elections are focused on parties, not candidates. Voters rarely notice the name of the candidate, voting for the party they prefer.
- Under the coalition, Conservative and Liberal Democrat MP's supported policies that their constituents may have voted against. e.g Lib Dem MP's voting for rises in tuition fees, other MP's also voted in favour of the withdrawal agreement despite constituency voting remain e.g Henley voted to remain, yet MP John Howell voted for the withdrawal agreement.


Example of parliamentary privilege being used effectively

- Labour peer Peter Hain using parliamentary privilege to name Phillip Green and start an inquiry into him.