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Example of a big majority (good friday referendum)

- In the Good Friday Agreement referendum in 1998, 71% voted yes compared to just 28% who voted no.


Example of a very close result (Welsh devolution referendum 1997)

- In the 1997 Welsh devolution referendum, 50% voted yes compared to 49% who voted no.


Example of a big majority (1979 Welsh devolution referendum)

- In the 1979 Welsh devolution referendum, 80% voted no compared to just 20% who voted yes.


Local referendum with high turnout (Bedfordshire)

- In the 2001 council tax referendum, the turnout was over 50% which is good for a local referendum.


Local referendum with high turnout (Edinburgh)

- In 2005, a congestion charge referendum in Edinburgh was held, with a 62% turnout.


Local referendum with low turnout (Manchester)

- In the 2012 mayoral referendum to decide whether Manchester wants a mayor, the turnout was only 24%.