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Arguments for greater devolution to England

- It would facilitate a more federal model of government
- It would provide stronger regional identity in parts of the UK
- Would provide a solution to the West Lothian question


Arguments against greater devolution to England

- It would result in even more unbalanced devolution. In the UK, devolved powers differ sharply between countries, Scotland has the most devolved powers and England has the least
- There is little public support for a English legislature, not supported by any major political party
- Many areas of England arguably don't have a strong local identity


Potential reforms of the House of Commons

- To make the PM more accountable: reform PM's questions and increase regularity of the Liaison Committee - this would create more meaningful, rational debate of issues.
- Departmental select committees are still often ignored and not valued: give them more enforcement powers - this would make government more accountable.


Arguments for the House of Lords being reformed

- An elected chamber would be a more effective check on the executive, since the Salisbury Convention would not exist.
- Full or partial election would raise the legitimacy of the chamber. Would also make the Lords a more accountable chamber to the public


Arguments against the House of Lords being reformed

- Election would eliminate the many experts who sit in it, including the experience of the ex-ministers and PM in the Lords
- The current chamber works well and has proved to be a useful check on the executive e.g voting down the EU withdrawal agreement continuously