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Assessment for suicide risk involves 2 steps

Evaluate risks factors associated with suicide

Questioning about intent to commit suicide


Factors for high risk of suicide

Intention- direct or indirect communication off intent, presence of a plan
History - history of past attempts or family history of suicidal behavior
Demographic factors - adolescents, over 45, male, white, separated,divorced, widowed, living alone, lack of social support, unemployed
Diagnosis- depression, alcoholism,p schizophrenia
Behavior patterns-impulsivity, rigidity, isolation,
Antecedent events-major life change without adequate coping strategies, recent loss or anniversary of loss, recent improvement in depressive symptoms
Physical condition- persistent insomnia, r ent surgery or childbirth, intractable pain


Intervention techniques for suicide

Relieve isolation
Remove lethal weapons
Help client develop alternative methods for expressing anger
Encourage the client to delay decision about suicide
Help the client re-establishing social ties
Relieve the client's anxiety and sleep loss