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Depression treatment planning

Manage the crisis
assess risk of suicide
assess trigger
assess for substance abuse
assess support system
share resources


Depression goals

ensure client safety
be supportive
explore coping mechanisms
use cognitive restructuring to shore up ego


Depression interventions

Manage crisis
behavioral techniques
grief work
modify destructive automatic thoughts
mobilze resources
help client develop hope and focus outside of self


Eating Disorder treatment planning

Look at how behavior helps client cope
examine risk factors (cardiac, dental, etc)
Examine personality
Examine family
make auxiliary referrals (nutritionist, physician, etc. )


Eating disorder goals

Increase awareness of disorder
help client break through denial
assist in ID and expression of feelings
correct distortions (body, food)
raise self-esteem
promote differentiation


Eating disorder intervention

if danger is not immediate, take a history with focus on patterns suicidality etc.
take family history
do body image history
challenge fantasies
look for triggers
identify feedback loop
grief work