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Characteristics of abused children

-under age 6
-under age 12, boys are most frequent victims
-Over age 12, girls are most frequent victims
-abused children are more likely to be:
mentally retarded
physically deformities and handicaps
medical illnesses
delays in speech, motor and social development
-abused children tend to be overly attached to their abusing mothers


Characteristics of abusing parents

5% for abusing parents suffer from psychopathology
-poor impulse control
-low frustrations tolerance
-low self-esteem
-emotionally immature
-violent impulses
-chronic aggression
-chronically depressed
-lower socioeconomic status(although, higher SES groups may conceal the abuse by using private practices less likely to report)
-abusive parents tend to be young (between 20-30.
have few social relationships outside of home
-often were abused themselves
-unrealisitc expectations to their children


characteristics of child abusing families

-subject to sever and frequent stress
-tend to have frequent marital conflicts


Family systems theory explanation of child abuse

Usually a symbiotic system where husband and wife turn to child for love and support but when child is not able to meet parents needs they become the target. Usually a closed family system inflexible, authoritarian and socially isolated. Child is scapegoated. Usually disorganized, lacks leadership, guidance and control.


Child sexual abuse

Research indicates 1:4 females are victims of sexual abuse before age 18. Boys are sexually abused more often than reporting suggests.


Child abuse statistics

75-85% of abusers were know to the children
50% of abuse occurs within the family
the majority of abusers report that they are heterosexual in the adult sexual orientation
the majority of sex abusers are men



70% is father daughter
abusers non-sexual need for belongingness, power, or affection is usually the precipitating factor in abuse
incestuous families are turning to their child to meet their needs


Spouse abuse

Women are typically the victims. Half of couples in US engage in abuse if physical only is considered.


Cycle of spousal abuse

Lenore Walker
Tension building (battered spouse walks on eggshells)
Acute battering
Honeymoon phase (batterer loving and remorseful)


Characteristics of the batterer

Psychological disturbances present
Alcoholic in 40-95% of cases depending on research.
Mentally incompetent
Extremely jealous


Characteristic of an abused spouse

one out of four has attempted suicide
one out of seven abuse alcohol
one out of ten abuse drugs
may be pregnant