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Crisi interventions characterized by

Here and now orientation
Time limited course
View client's behavior as understandable reaction to stress
Therapist plays an active and directive role


Golan's stages of crisis

Hazardous event-circumstance that disrupts equilibrium.
Vulnerable state- individual's reaction to the event
Precipitating factor- event thA turns the vulnerable state into a crisi state ( lasts straw)
Active crisis state- characterized by disequilibrium
Reintegration- restoration of equilibrium


Goals of crisis intervention

Relieve clients symptoms
Restore client to previous level of functioning
Identify factors that led to crisis state
Identify and apply remedial measures
Help the client connect current stressed with past life experiences
Help the client develop adaptive coping strategies that can be used int eh current and in future situations.


Principals of crisis interventions

Immediate interventions
Hope and expectation
Focused problem solving


Stages of crisi intervention

Formulation- assessment of crisis and explicit agreement on goals
Implementation- obtaining background, assessing strengths,and weaknesses, assessing support, identifying tasks that will help client achieve goals
Termination- review progress, discuss plans for the future.