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Types of goals

discrete-one time
continuous goals


Selecting and defining goals

Client should have a role
Devise measurable goals
must be feasible
within the scope of license and competence
should be stated in positive terms to help instill hope and accentuate strengths.


Negotiating Goals with Clients

determine readiness to negotiate goals
explain in language meaningful to client
therapist and client select goals mutually
defined explicitly
discuss risks and benefits of each goal
rank goals in accordance to what's most important to client



Raked goals
social worker and client's goals
interventions and techniques that should be used
time-frame, frequency and length of sessions
description of how progress will be monitored
terms for renegotiation of contract
office pollicies
update on progress at each session


Facilitating desired change

SElf determination is primary,
-congruent and authentic
-use self-disclose appropriately
-respond to personal questions in a professional way
-give positive feedback to the client
-model assertive feedback to the client
-maintain continuity of the session.



Once goals are reached
Once client is no longer interested in continuing therapy
When time limit of therapy is up
most be planned from the first session


Fostering successful termination

explore issues and emotions related to termination
Developable treatment plan that allows positive outcomes and are transferable
Acknowledge client progress
Note clients progress toward achieving positive outcomes
Note clients efforts
Include discussions about resolving future difficulties
Include discussions about how to find additional resources for future needs.


Client reactions to termination

Resistance to termination
Relief and a feeling of confidence
Anger, denial, frustration guilt embarrassment
Flight into illness


Social Worker reactions to terminate

Belief that more could have been done to help
Relief and a feeling of competence