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What social platforms can be used with Pardot?

Linkedin, Twitter, FB (company pages only), AddThis, FullContact


What is a custom redirect?

Allows you to track any link on your website or a third party site


What happens when a prospect clicks on a custom redirect?

Clicks will show up as an activity


When should you use a custom redirect?

Banner ads on third party sites: track and see how many prospects and visitors access it

Social Sharing: share link on Twitter/Linkedin and want to see how it performs

Links to files that you do not host: can show you how many visitors accessed the file


Custom Redirect Report Metric: Total Clicks

# total clicks for the specific redirect


Custom Redirect Report Metric: Unique Clicks

no repeats


What's the throttling period for custom redirects?

30 min


How to access custom redirects

Marketing > Content > Custom Redirects


What is dynamic content?

Display custom HTML on your forms, website, landing pages, emails based on prospect criteria


How do Pardot hosted files work?

Pardot hosted files have tracked URLs based on your tracker domain and when accessed, will show up in prospect activities