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Does an engagement program start in pause?



What's a drip program?

Allows you to send targeted emails based on real-time buyer behavior and critical qualifying values


What do you use to create drip programs?

Engagement Studio


Are emails sent through Engagement Studio marked as an activity?



What can you edit in an engagement program once it's paused?

Name, recipient/suppression lists, scheduled start/stop times, send emails during business hours only setting and time zone, all step types, add new steps, delete steps, change values, operators, and wait periods


How are step types edited?

If the same step type, can edit. If need to change step type, need to delete existing step and add a new one


If you add a new step before an end step, how will it affect prospects?

If the prospect hasn't reach end yet, will go through the new step. If the prospect has reached end, they will not


What happens when you delete a step?

If the step branches: choose which path should be deleted

Delete end step: choose where path rejoins program

If you delete a step, anyone on that step will progress to the next step


Can engagement program actions change a prospect's score and update field values?



What lists can be used with engagement programs?

Static: for a fixed list
Dynamic: for list based on changing criteria
Suppression: to exclude


What happens when the engagement program is paused and a prospect is on a wait period?

Wait is stopped. Prospect will remain where they are until program is unpaused. Ex. prospect is on day 1 of a 4 day wait period, engagement program is paused for 5 days. Once restarted, prospect will finish remaining 3 days before moving on


How does timing work for Actions?

Immediately: ES will apply action once the prospect hits that step

Wait: ES will apply action once wait time has elapsed


How does timing work for Rules?

Immediately: ES will evaluate rule criteria once prospect hits that step

Wait: ES will evaluate rule criteria once wait time has elpased


How does timing work for Triggers?

Wait up to a max of: ES will wait for the activity/event to occur between the time the prospect landed on the trigger step and the end of the max wait period. will move to next step if they do the action/event in between the wait period

Wait: ES will hold prospects on trigger for wait period and wil not move off step until time has elapsed even if they do the action/event


What happens if a prospect opts out of a list used for the program?

They still move through the program but won't receive emails


What happens if you add a prospect to an engagement program if other prospects are on another step?

The new prospect starts at the beginning


How do you send a series of emails in engagement programs?

add send email actions with no other triggers, actions or rules


What happens when a waiting prospect is suppressed or removed from a list?

They are removed from the program. If they are added back, prospect will move through the step at the date/time it was originally scheduled


How do waits work with send emails during business hours enabled?

Wait will take into consideration your business hours set


What are engagement programs made of?

Actions, Rules, Triggers


What are triggers used for?

Defining paths based on prospect actions:
Email open, email link click, form completion, landing page completion, custom redirect click, file download


What are rules used for?

Define criteria-based paths for prospects:
Assigned user, grade, list, score, SF campaign etc


What are actions used for?

Actions let you do something to prospects like sending an email or changing a field value


Why would you use a repeat engagement program?

To remind prospects of recurring events, renewals, and other recurring activities. Up to 10 at a time