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What does a score measure?

Engagement of prospects with marketing materials and measures interest


How do scores work?

Automatically assigned when a visitor converts to a prospect and scores change constantly based on activities and interactions


How do you edit scoring rules?

Admin > Automation Settings > Scoring
Changes ARE retroactive


Are there default scoring rules?



How can scores be changed by automation rules?

Automation rules can decrease or increase prospect scores, or reset scores to zero. Ex. if prospect requested demo, add 50 points


How can scores by changed by forms/form handlers?

scores can be customized by designating an Adjust Score completion action on step 4 of the Form Wizard


How can engagement programs change scores?

Scores can be increased or decreased using an action in Engagement Studio


Best practice for setting up a scoring model?

Use default first, then pick a future time to re-evaluate. Ask sales team about the quality of leads to help adjust the model.


What are scoring categories?

Used to score prospects on more than one product or business unit. Assigned to a folder. Syncs every 15 min.