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How can you grant Pardot Support access?

Via email - click grant access link to locate the appropriate user group (Support) and select a date range

From Pardot - hover over person icon then select grant account access and select date range


What are the 4 default user roles?

Admin, Marketing, Sales Manager, Sales


Describe what Admins can do

Can control account settings, user management, domain management, field settings. Everything else as well.


Describe what Marketing users can do

Control over marketing modules and prospect management. Can create new lists, forms, landing pages, and send list emails. Cannot edit other users. Can import prospects.


Describe what Sales Managers can do

Have access to all prospects and visitors but no marketing modules. Can send 1:1 emails but no list emails. Can view prospects not assigned to them


Describe what Sales users can do

Only access prospects assigned to them. Can send 1:1 emails but no list emails


When can you send activation emails?

Upon user creation or through the user management table


What role do you need to be to grant support access?

Admin or Marketing


What are user groups?

Used for round robin lead assignment, even distribution


What happens when you delete a Pardot user?

Archived in recycle bin, prospects will remain assigned to deleted user so reassign and edit all automations first


How do you limit access to Pardot by IP address?

Settings > Edit > Enable IP Security. Requires users to confirm their location


How many users can you import at once?

Up to 50


How can you limit the number of prospects that a user can work with?

Pardot admins can set security limits on a per-user basis to limit the number of prospects a user can import, export, or send a list email to