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What is a Pardot Campaign?

Thematic touchpoints (similar to lead source) that track the first touch a prospect has with your marketing materials


Why is it beneficial to associate prospects with Pardot campaigns?

Helps with ROI analysis because the associated campaign is defined as the lead generation and sales vehicle for that prospect


Why should you change/not change a prospect's Pardot campaign?

Campaigns should be changed/not changed so as to not falsify ROI and achieve more accurate reporting


Metrics in Campaign Report: Name

Name of the campaign (clicking on it takes you to graph showing # visitors compared to # of converted prospects)


Metrics in Campaign Report: Visitors

# of visitors captured by tracking code associated with the campaign


Metrics in Campaign Report: Prospects

# of prospects associated to campaign that have assigned user


Metrics in Campaign Report: Cost/Prospect

The cost per prospect: calculated by dividing cost for campaign by # of prospects


Metrics in Campaign Report: Opportunities

# of prospects with opps for the campaign


Metrics in Campaign Report: Opps/Prospects

% of prospects associated with the campaign who have an opp


Metrics in Campaign Report: Cost/Opps

Cost per opportunity


Metrics in Campaign Report: Value

Total value for opps marked closed won that are not archived


Metrics in Campaign Report: ROI



What information does the Monthly Cohort graph provide?

The Monthly Cohort graph gives you a visual overview of how many prospects and opportunities were created in a date range


What is the difference between a Salesforce Campaign and a Pardot Campaign?

Salesforce campaigns can be attached to your leads or contacts at any point in their lifecycle. A lead or contact in Salesforce may be associated to many campaigns

Campaigns in Pardot track your prospect’s first touch point. A prospect can only be associated to one Pardot campaign at a time


Where can you find the Monthly Cohort graph?

Reports > Campaigns


What actions can change a prospect's campaign?

Automation rule actions
Completion actions
Page actions


Which actions can add a prospect to a SF campaign?

Automation rule actions
Completion actions
Page actions
Segmentation actions