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How does Pardot track visitor and prospect data?

Tracking code
Landing pages
Forms/form handlers
IP address and DNS reverse lookup
WHOIS UP lookup


What is a visitor?

Unidentified person to a website (no email)


Types of visitor data collected from a tracking code

Pages visited
Actions taken
Length of time spent browsing


Methods for a visitor to convert into a prospect

Submits a Pardot form that is in an iframe on your web page
Submits a form on your site that’s connected to a Pardot form handler
Submits a form on a Pardot landing page
Clicked a link from Pardot tracked email
Producing a custom redirect URL that has visitor's email in the URL
Manual conversion


True/False: After converting, previous visitor activity is recorded as prospect activity



How can you filter the visitor table?

By View: All Visitors, Active Visitors, Identified Visitors, and Filtered Visitors
By Campaign
By Date Range


Visitor Table shows:

# of pages viewed
# of visits
first page viewed date/time
last paged viewed date/time


Can there only be one Pardot tracking code?

No, there's one per campaign and it needs to be pasted into web page HTML


Where can you find tracking codes?

Marketing > Campaigns


What happens when "do not track" settings are honored?

Pardot only tracks form submissions, email opens, and clicks


What do you filter visitors for?

To exclude some types of visits, clicks, or other actions. Only works on new visitors.
Common uses: excluding your own company's IP address.


What are filtered when visitor filter is added?

Visitors, visits, visitor activities, page views, email clicks
Email opens are never filtered


Where do you find visitor filters?

Admin > Automation Settings > Visitor Filters


What do you need to do when a visitor filter is deleted for it to work

Clear cookies first


What email notifications can be sent from Pardot?

Daily Prospect Activities (Assigned)
Daily Prospect Activities (All)
Email when Prospect is Assigned
Daily Visitor Activity
Starred Prospect Activity Alerts
Weekly Search Marketing Email
Monthly Inactive Automations Report


What makes a visitor an active visitor?

Active visitors are visitors who visited two or more pages, regardless of whether their company is identified.


What graphs are displayed on the Visitors Report?

Page Views Graph: displays # of page views over the last 24 hours and % change from previous day

New Visitors Graph: displays # of new visitors over the last 24 hours and % change from previous day

Top Companies: displays the top 20 companies based on page views in the last 24 hours