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What are the 4 automations available in Pardot?

Automation Rules, Segmentation Rules, Completion Actions, Dynamic Lists


What two programs start on pause?

Automation rules and engagement programs


What does an Automation Rule do?

Perform actions based on criteria
Runs continuously
Checks every prospect every time their record updates


What happens to prospects if you add new actions to an Automation Rule that they have already matched?

New actions will not be applied and actions cannot be "unapplied" to prospects that no longer match


True/False: Automation Rules only affect a prospect one time

True - can never unmatch prospects even if they no longer meet criteria


Are Automation Rules retroactive?

Sort of. When they are created, or an existing rule's criteria are edited, and the rule is unpaused, the rule will search through all prospects to find matches. Ex. a prospect could have started meeting criteria last week but if the automation rule is created today, it will find and match them.


What are the main components of an Automation Rule?

Match Type: And vs Or
Rules: add a single rule or a group of rules
Actions: actions to take when criteria are met (add to list, adjust score, send email etc)


What is a dynamic list?

Rule-based lists of prospects that automatically update as prospect data changes
Can't manually add or remove prospects


What are dynamic lists used for?

Recipient lists or suppression lists for emails or to seed a drip nurturing program or used further in automation or segmentation criteria


Why would you use a dynamic list?

when creating list based on prospect data that changes often


What happens when you send an email to a dynamic list?

Email only gets sent to those people on the list at that time


What are the components of a Dynamic List?

Match Type: And vs. Or
Rules: criteria to match against prospects


What is a completion action?

Used to automate actions when a prospect interacts with your marketing assets


Are completion actions retroactive?



What are completion actions avaibable for?

Forms, form handlers, files, custom redirects, emails, page actions


Do completion actions execute every time the action is completed?

Yes, except for adjust score and send autoreponder email (there may be throttling period for those)


Can completion actions execute for visitors?

No, only prospects


What will completion actions not execute for?

Image files and filtered activities


What actions are available for completion actions?

add tags
add to list
add to SF campaign
adjust score
assign prospect via SF assignment rule
Assign to queue
Assign to user
Change prospect custom field value
Change prospect default field value
Create SF task
Increment prospect field value
notify assigned user
notify user
remove from list
remove tags
send autoresponder email
set profile
set prospect's first touch campaign


What is a segmentation rule?

Uses criteria to filter matching prospects to apply actions to. One-time list only and do not run continuously.


What are segmentation previews?

allows you to preview segmentation rule matches and share a link to the preview with other Pardot users


What are segmentation rule groups?

Within a segmentation rule, complex rule groups can be created by adding a new rule group. They allow you to construct a combo of criteria while reducing the restriction of match all and match any requirements


What are the main components of a segmentation rule?

Match Type: And vs. Or
Rules: add single rule or group of rules
Actions: action taken when prospect meets criteria (add/remove from list, add/remove tags, add/remove from SF campaign)


What happens when you select repeat for an automation rule?

Cannot be edited after the rule is unpaused


What are page actions?

completion actions triggered by a prospect's page views. Not retrospective. must match exact URL


What is the order of how page actions execute?

Matches most specific action first, then wildcards


What are some common use cases for automation rules?

Change prospect profile
Add prospect to list
Adjust prospect score
Decrease prospect score based on inactivity
Assign prospects based on form submission/location


What should you do to make sure dynamic suppression lists work?

Wait 10 min between email sends