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Why do you want to use forms?

To collect info from visitors and turn them into prospects


What do you use to create customized forms?

Form Wizard


How many forms can Standard Edition have?



What are your form styling options?

Form Wizard has built in options or can style with custom CSS


What actions can follow a form submission?

Autoresponder emails, add to marketing lists, notify users with completion actions. Or redirects to a specified page


What do Form Reports tell you?

Total views, total submissions, submission rate, total errors, error rate


What do Form Handler Reports tell you?

Total submissions, unique submissions, conversions


When should you use form handlers?

When you already have an existing form and form infrastructure and need total control of form design. Or just want to pass data back to Pardot from specific fields in pre-existing forms


What's progressive profiling?

keeps forms short by asking for more info based on previous response


What are dependent fields?

hidden by default but appear based on value entered in another field


Pardot Form Reporting Metric: Total Views

total times viewed, including if more then once by same person


Pardot Form Reporting Metric: Unique Views

doesn't include if someone viewed more than once


Pardot Form Reporting Metric: Conversions

# of times visitor successfully filled out the form


Pardot Form Reporting Metric: Total Submissions

total times form was successfully filled out


Pardot Form Reporting Metric: Unique Submissions

doesn't include if same visitor submitted form more than once


Pardot Form Reporting Metric: Total Errors

errors happen when invalid value is entered, or not all fields are completed


Pardot Form Reporting Metric: Unique Errors

doesn't include if same visitor failed more than once


Pardot Form Reporting Metric: Total Clicks

# of clicks on the links on your thank you page


Pardot Form Reporting Metric: Unique Clicks

doesn't include if same visitor clicked more than once


Pardot Form Reporting Metric: Last Submitted

date/time prospect most recently filled out form


Pardot Form Reporting Metric: Updated

date/time prospect record was last updated


All Form/Form Handler Submissions Reports

Can be filtered by campaign or date range and sorted by form/handler, prospect, company, score, grade, or submission date/time


What happens after a form is submitted? (the conversion to prospect)

Pardot uses cookies to try to associate it with a prospect:
If found, activity saved to prospect record
If not, uses email in form to look for matching prospect
If no prospects are found, creates new prospect
If found in recycle bin, undeletes prospect


If you're at a conference and want to manually enter prospect data into a form from a signup sheet or have prospects fill out forms at a tradeshow booth, what should you enable?

Kiosk Data Entry Mode: allows a form to be submitted multiple times without causing visitor association changes because it doesn’t cookie visitors


How should you include forms in emails?

Provide a link to the form instead of embedding it in the email.


How do you add a Pardot form to your website (not a Pardot landing page)?

Use an iframe


What are the Pardot form options for bot protection?

Honeypot Technique: invisible field that only bots can see and Pardot will reject the form if the field has a value

Conditional CAPTCHA: checks IP first, and if the IP is known for spam, visitors will see a CAPTCHA



What are the ways to share content after a prospect completes a form to access gated content?

Autoresponder email: confirms that email is valid

Redirect on form completion: can include a link on the thank you content or redirect the prospect directly to the URL of the content