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why does a codified constitution protect rights better?

-requires special procedure to change laws
-which undergoes major scrutiny + review


why are our rights currently vulnerable?

-rights can be removed through a simple majority vote in parliament
-v.easy to do w/ FPTP as produces large majority govt


give an example of high majority govts?

Blair 1997 - 179
Thatcher 1983 - 144


give an example of rights being easily removed ?

- magna carta 'habeas corpus' 1215
- 2000 terrorism act threw this out the window


what do the current constitution being flexible allow?

allows it to be modern and up to date


why can the constitution be changed quickly and what does it allow the govt to do?

-due to principle of Parliamentary sovereignty
- allows govt to react quickly in emergency


give an example of govt reacting quickly to emergency

-dunblane shooting 1996
- 16 children and 1 teacher killed
- 1997 firearms act banned possession of handguns


today is it more important to protect rights better or to be flexible and why?

-remain uncodified to be responsive
- recently low majority govt
- increasing terrorism threat


how do a codified constitution provide clarity?

-allows people become more informed on their rights and roles of those in govt


how would a codified constitution improve society ?

- public would become more politically educated and aware


give an example of a constitution that provides clarity?

-US constitution
- outlines rights Clearly and is easily accessible


how would a codified constitution improve democracy?

-ministers would be more accountable as people more informed
-reduce number of misconducts carried out by MPs


what is the big question over codifying the constitution?

how would it be done - no need it change it


give examples of possible issues needed to be addressed ?

-who would do it?
- how would people vote for it?
- would we leave monarchy in or out?


today is it more important to provide clarity rather than the question of how???

-with Brexit approaching seems better to leave constitution uncodified