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what do liberals argue about women in society

-women are discriminated against in society
- focus only on public sphere


why do liberals only focus on public sphere

believe in maintaining women personal freedom of choice about their domestic role. Individualism etc..


what do they fear about entering the private sphere

fear encroaching on private sphere could mean creeping totalitarianism


what do radicals argue about women in society

society is pervaded by patriarchal values that seek to preserve mens dominant position in society


what do radicals argue about public-private sphere

patriarchy starts in private sphere and speeds to public sphere


what phrase do radicals use for the public-private sphere?

'the person is political'


what did Andrea Dworkin say about public-private sphere?

"many women, I think, resist feminism because it is an agony to be fully conscious of the brutal misogyny which permeates, culture, society, and all personal relationships"


what do socialists argue about the public-private sphere

patriarchy starts in public sphere and spreads to private sphere


what did Sheila Rowbotham say about public-private sphere?

"family unit serves as a unit of control"


what do liberals argue is the cause of patriarchy

legal+political oppression
unequal distribution of rights in public sphere


what do socialists associate patriarchy with?



how does capitalism create patriarchy

capitalism needs workers to be supported and looked after by unpaid helpers to enable them to carry out a proper day's work


what do radicals argue about patriarchy

stems from and reflects dominance of husband/father within the family


how do liberals seek to overthrow patriarchy

women should gain equal access to the public realm
campaign for more women in senior economic+political positions


what did Kate Millet say about patriarchy

family was 'patriarchy's key institution'


what do radical argue about relationships

all relationships based on power + dominance


how do socialist seek to overthrow patriarchy

class revolution required to overthrow capitalism and thus patriarchy


what did bell hooks say about patriarchy?

it [feminsm] is necessarily a struggle to eradicate ideology of domination that permeates western culture


what do liberals believe the state should do?

-state can play a role in promoting female liberation by promoting legal and political equality
-stance can help to ensure that there is equality of opportunity between the sexes


what radicals argue the state does?

state promotes interests the interests of patriarchy over the interests of women


what do radicals believe is needed to change structure of state?

sexual revolution


what socialists argue the state does?

works in the interest of capitalism and therefore patriarchy


what did Kate millet say about the state?

the subordinated group has inadequate redress through existing political institutions


what do all feminists agree on about the state?

state has a role to play in changing life for women


what did Perkins Gilman argue about sex and domestic economics?

-sex and domestic economic went hand in hand
-she says for women to survive they were reliant their sexual assets to please their husband so that he would financially support his family


why do liberal feminists believe state should do more to help women?

-women are of equal value to men, so deserve the same rights
-believe state should do more to help women
-state needs to change


what do radicals believe state should do to help society?

radicals believe state needs to help to enforce big change to help promote position of women


what do all women agree about sex and gender?

Differentiation between sex and gender


what do liberals believe about men and women?

all individuals are equal so men and women are equal


what do liberals accept about sex and gender?

-accept difference in sex but rejected difference in gender
-gender a societal construct - learned behaviour