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what model of govt do we follow in the UK?

burkean model - trustee model


what does burkean model mean?

we vote for MPs to represent us


how does voting work in UK?

-within constituencies, we vote for candidates to represent us, who represent a political party
-candidate with most votes becomes elected MP
-in UK, 650 constituencies to seat in Commons


give an example of MP representing constituents?

-2019 LSF climate change petition
-students gave petition to Nicky Morgan, who then discussed with Michael Gove, environment secretary


why does MP representing constituents show UK as rep democ?

-MPs, elected reps of people, can use their position to represent views of constituents in getting change for people
-make decision that will benefit the people the most


does parl look like society? (functional representation)

in many ways no


what % of society is male/female?

women 51% men 49%


in 2017, how many female MPs?

32% MPs = women


how do Conservatives and Labour differ in female MPs?

labour 45% and Conservatives 21%


what % of UK are ethnic minorities?

19.5% ethnic minorities


what % of MPs are ethnic minorities?

2017 - 8% MPs = BAME


what does lack of functional representation mean UK is not rep democ?

-many of elected reps don't understand the grievances and problems of public
-means large sects of society do not have their views represented


why is large amounts of society not having their views represented a bad thing?

-legislation produced is less legitimate as it does not consider the views of everyone in society
-only a certain few people will truly benefit from legislation
-not majority of people


how has increased use of referenda shown UK as not a rep democ?

-referenda are a form of direct democracy - exact opposite to rep democ
-undermine trustee model as they follow delegate model


what do referenda do to our MPs?

-we have elected reps who are well educated and informed to make decision in best interests of people
-by giving decisions to people, makes their job void


what does public being less educated mean?

can be easily manipulated


how were public manipulated in 2016 EU ref?

-leave campaign claimed 'we send £350m a week to the EU, lets fund our NHS instead'
-later figure proven to be completely false
-crucially many of public believed it and subsequently voted to leave


why is people being manipulated bad for rep democ?

-it was wasn't will of people being represented it was will of elite
-manipulated into thinking what they want them to think
-decisions should be made by equated elected reps, not people


what has increased use of referenda led to? (positive)

increased political participation - making UK a healthy rep democ


what can referenda do to following legislation?

referenda can legitimise any following legislation - provided there is a high turnout


what was turnout of EU ref?



what does high turnout show for UK rep democ?

-demonstrates more and more people getting involved in and participating in politics
-makes UK rep democracy stronger


why is legislation more legitimate if high % of electorate voted?

-will of people well represented
-allows for MPs to check over the bill
-can scrutinise details on behalf of constituents