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What is a representative democracy?

a democracy where the people elected representatives to make decisions on their behalf


in what ways is the UK still a representative democracy?

- vote for MPs in constituencies
- trustee model
- choice


In what ways is the UK no longer a representative democracy ?

- pale, stale, male
- 3rd parties ignored
- House of lords


How many constituencies are there in the UK?



In 2015, how many seats did each party gain?

Conservatives- 331
Labour - 232
SNP - 56
DUP, Lib Dem - 8
Other parties - 15


How does electing MPs make UK a representative democracy?

- MPs represent everyone in their constituency
- constituents can speak to MP to discuss anything
- or they can use their conscience


Who formulated the trustee model?

Edmund Burke


Give an example of an act passed in Parliament

- marriage (same sex couples) act 2013
- passed commons with majority of 205


How does the trustee model make UK a representative democracy?

- MPs make decisions on behalf of their constituents that are in their best interests
- not everyone might agree but MPs thought it was best


In the 2017 UK general election, how many different parties were there?

16 different parties


How does a multi-party system make UK a representative democracy?

- makes elections more competitive
- means more people's views are represented as there are more parties


What does pale, stale, male mean?

They are all white, old men


How many female MPs were there in 2015?

191 out 650 MPs


How many ethnic minority MPs were there in 2015?

41 MPs from an ethnic minority background


Why does this make the UK not a representative democracy?

- there is a large proportion of minorities in UK who are not represented
- half the population not represented
- parliament should reflect the country
- means their views are not represented


What leads to 3rd parties being ignored?

first past the post


In 2015 what percentage of the votes did the SNP and UKIP win?

SNP - 5%
UKIP - 12.6%


In 2015 how many seats did the SNP and UKIP win?

SNP - 56 seats
UKIP - 1 seats


Why does 3rd parties being ignored make the UK not a representative democracy?

means that views of the people aren't actually reflected


What are the arguments for voting is one way of participation ?

- some people cant vote
- other ways to participate
- occur every 5 years


What are the arguments against voting is one way of participation ?

- votes are reliable
- most important form of participation


Why can some people not vote?

- work
- emregency
- under 18s cant vote


What does it mean for the people that can't vote?

they are not represented


Give examples of two other forms of participation other than voting?

- join a pressure group
- sign an e-petition


How many people signed brexit e-petition?

more than 4.1 million people


Why are e-petitions not that reliable?

you can sign them multiple times by creating mulitple accounts


Why are pressure groups not that reliable?

some people join them just to get the rewards and they are not really interested in their policies


Why do some people join CAMRA?

- just to get the beer vouchers, not to keep pubs aflaot and get better pubs and customer rights
- you get a £20 Wetherspoons when joining
- 10% off @ Cotswold outdoor


What was the 2011 fixed term parliament act?

- established the new parliament must be elected on a fixed date every 5 years


Why are the votes reliable?

- because we live in a representative democracy everyone only has one vote
- one man, one vote