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what are the factors that affect PG success?

-govt links


what will it mean if goals of Pg are popular amongst public?

makes PG far more powerful


what does the Fawcett society campaign for?

women's rights


why does the Fawcett society have public support?

-resonates with both men and women as gender inequality is still a large issue in UK society
-e.g. wage gap


what will lead to aims being popular?

if the aims are key issues/problems that affect a large society


if PGs aims are popular with the people, why does it lead to success?

-if it resonates with a large group of people, govt more likely to listen
-govt wants to stay in power and be re-elected
-so want to sort out problems to earn votes of electorate


why are aims the most important factor for PG success?

-if ideology makes group an outsider, will have no hope of influencing change even if you have good tactics
-ideology affects finances as public support will allow for money which can be spent on lobbying and campaigning


how do finances affect PG success?

allow for PGs to boost power and influence in several way


how much does CND charge for membership? how many members?

-charge £30/ per annum
-membership of apprize 30,000 members


what does money allow PGs to use?

employ lobbyists who can seek to gain them increasing influence within the govt


what can PGs set up with money?

think tanks


how do think tanks benefit PGs?

-educate public better which can lead to more members and more support
-more support leads to better relations with govt as wanted to get re-elected etc


what do finances determine?

tactics a PG can use - less money limits the ways you can influence


what disproves the influence of money?

new social movements (NSM)


what do NSMs show?

-can still gain public support and campaign for free
-via use of social media


what is a key tactic that is free?

direct action - free but requires significant participation to be successful


what strike happened in 2011?

-teachers union strike 2011
-meant 62% of schools were shut


why does direct action lead to success?

-raises public awareness
-demonstrates widespread discontent within the electorate
-pressure for govt to respond


what is a more expensive high effective tactic?

lobbying and legal action


give an example of lobbying?

-1998 Bernie Ecclestone donate £1m to Labour Party
-1yr later govt passed law saying sports not allowed to advertise Tobacco
-but F1 was exempt


what does the Bernie Ecclestone example show?

-effectiveness of lobbying as direct correlation between donation and success
-only rich can do this - smaller PGs unable to do the same


how does ideology affect tactics?

if you have a poor ideology, tactics are irrelevant as govt won't listen


who in govt can PGs have relationships to get power?

civil servants or MPs


what do relationships with govt mean for PGs?

allows them to have an influence when policy is made


give an example of an insider PG?

NFU - often consulted by govt on agricultural matters