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what do socialists think of equality of outcome?

all socialists support some level of equality of outcome


why do all socialists support equality of outcome?

-all believe equality would enhance positive freedom by safeguarding them from poverty + enabling them to fulfil their potential


what do socialists believe equality of outcome enhances?

-it enhances social harmony and community
-see equality as vital ensuring justice and satisfying basic needs to increase freedom


what kind of theory is marxism?

Materialistic theory - see economic inequality as primary cause for everything


how do marxists seek to achieve equality?

-seek to deliver absolute social equality by replacing private ownership w/ common ownership
-via seizing the means of production


what do marxists seek to do?

seek to abolish class system and overthrow capitalism via revolution


What did Marx contend?

Marx contended that for true social equality and for humans to realise their true human potential a creation of communist society that abolishes private property, class differences and the state is required
-to be done through revolution


how do social democrats seek to promote social equality?

via parliamentary road


what did Sydney Webb say?

"the inevitability of gradualism"


what did what Webb mean?

-working class had vote, who were the majority
-would naturally vote for socialist parties and they would gain power


how would social democrats promote social equality in parliament?

-use majority in parliament to pass legislation
-via welfare and redistribution of wealth
-paid for by progressive taxation


what did Anthony Crossland argue?

Crossland argued that main aim of socialism now was to manage capitalism to deliver greater social equality and social justice, with more egalitarian distribution of rewards, status and privileges, and no class barriers


how do marxists vs social democrats see the state?

agent of ruling class vs vehicle for progressive socialist reform


how do third way view equality of outcome?

the reject equality of outcome instead favour equality of opportunity


why do third way prefer equality of opportunity?

-allows individuals to achieve their potential and achieve social mobility
-they promote the idea of meritocracy


what do third way believe about inequality?

relative amounts of social and economic inequality is good for society