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Firefighters must always consider what 3 things when ensuring safety at an emergency scene?

1) personal safety
2) safety of other team members
3) safety of everyone present at the scene


According to the text, a successful safety program must include what 4 major components?

1) standards and procedures
2) personnel
3) training
4) equipment


According to the text, hydration in an important part of every workout. What is considered a good guideline when consuming water?

To consume 240-300ml (8-10oz) of water for every 5-10 mins of physical exertion. Firefighters should drink up to 4 litres of water per day.


According to the NFPA, approximately what % of firefighter deaths in the US occur during training?



What are the 4 general principles that govern emergency vehicle operations?

1) operators are subject to all traffic laws
2) exceptions are legal only when operating in emergency mode
3) even with an excemption, the operator can be found liable
4) an excemption does not relieve the operator from the duty to drive with reasonable care


According to the text the emergency vehicle operator should possess what 4 traits?

1) good judgement
2) mental and physical fitness
3) maturity
4) good driving habits


Operators are not exempt to the laws of physics. What happens when the speed of the vehicle double (ie 30-60km/h)?

The force exerted by the vehicle increases by a factor of 4


What are the 4 common signs of heat-stroke?

1) lack of sweating
2) low blood pressure
3) shallow breathing
4) seizures