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According to the text the Four Step Method is the foundation of the work performed at the Fire Instructor 1 level. What are the 4 steps?

1) Preparation - conduct training to maintain core competencies (catch a hydrant, raise a ground ladder)
2) Presentation - lecture or instructional portion, introduce to subject matter
3) Application - firefighter demonstrates the task or skill under officer supervision
4) Evaluation - at end there should be an evaluation of students progress


What are the 3 components of a lesson plan?

1) Break down the topic into simple units
2) show what to teach, in which order to teach it, and exactly which procedure to follow
3) Use a guide to help accomplish the teaching objective.


According to Dr Thomas Gordon what are the 4 Levels of Understanding a Skill?

Level 1 - Unconscious Incompetence: ff not aware of existence or relevance of a skill area
Level 2 - Conscious Incompetence: ff becomes aware of skill, is aware of deficiency. Training and practice will improve performance.
Level 3 - Conscious Competence: can perform skill but still needs to concentrate and think to perform skill
Level 4 - Unconscious Competence: skill is second nature.


What 3 qualities make for an effective Mentor?

1) a desire to help
2) current knowledge
3) Effective coaching, counselling, facilitating and networking skills


What are the pre-requisites for a student to have received training in in order to participate in live fire training (NFPA 1001)?

- safety
- fire behaviour
- portable extinguishers
- ppe
- ladders
- fire hose appliances and streams
- overhaul
- water supply
- ventilation
- forcible entry
- building construction


According to NFPA 1142:standard on water supplies, when performing live fire training each attack and back up hose line should be capable of flowing how much water?

Each should be capable of flowing a minimum of 95 gallons / 360 litres per minute.


According to NFPA 1403 what are the 9 Fire Officer Preparation Responsibilities when conducting live fire training?

1) Develop a preburn plan
2) calculate needed water supply - 95 gal/360 litres per min
3) provide EMS
4) establish a rest area
5) inspect the structure
6) assign safety and ignition officer
7) assign instructors to each functional crew (5 max)
8) conduct preburn briefing
9) conduct post burn review


What are the 3 prohibited Live Fire Training Activities?

1) no live victims
2) flammable or combustible liquids cannot be used as fuel
3) conduct only one fire evolution in an acquired structure at a time


What are the 5 steps for developing a training program?

1) Assess Needs
2) establish objectives
3) develop the program
4) deliver the training
5) evaluate the impact


According to the text a good lesson plan satisfies what 4 criteria?

1) organizes the lesson
2) identifies key points
3) can be reused
4) allows others to teach the program


According to the text, many fire fighter tasks involve psychomotor skills sets. These skill sets can be classified into what 4 categories?

1) Initial: driver knows main streets and grid system, officer helps reading the map when responding to subdivisions etc.
2) Plateau: driver can respond to 85% of streets in response area
3) Latency: driver can remember the route to an area of the district the crew has not had a response for several months
4) Mastery: driver can easily drive to any address in area, including alternate routes.


According to the text, deaths and serious injuries that occur during live fire training are caused by what 6 factors?\

1) missing, incomplete or inadequate preparation
2) inadequate training of instructors
3) inadequate training of students (students should be competent in a number of skills before live fire training)
4) inadequate planning by lead instructor
5) non-existent IM system, or no designated safety officer
6) no rehab or EMS on site


Active learning research recommends spending no more than how much time presenting a formal lecture or video presentation, and that the student loses focus after how much time?

No more than 10 minutes
After 15 - 20 minutes


According to the text, practicing new skills is facilitated by encouraging what 3 things?

1) adventure
2) challenge
3) competition


According to the text, Job Instruction training is what systematic 4 step approach to training fire fighters in basic job skills?

1) prepare the firefighters to learn
2) demonstrate how the job is done
3) try them out by letting them do the job
4) gradually put them on their own